Make your own DEADMAU5!?!

 I saw a lot of “how to make a deadmau5 head” tutorials online but they were all too expensive for a poor art student (daddy ant paying for me so cash is tight) this is how I made mine for about $20. Maybe a bit more for you because I just had some stuff laying around but you should get out for less that just one of those god damned genie pig balls!

What will help is that deadmau5 has his helmet measurements on his face book page somewhere.
You will need time, lots of it, but not all at once. I put about 20 hours into it over a week, so that’s a thing.

What you will need.
A big ass stack of news paper
Papier-mâché mix (flower and water)
One of those big inflatable rubber balls you get at toy stores and Kmart. Don’t get attached
1 inch thick  Foam panels I got from hobby lobby
Those screens that you thread yarn through
Foam ball
4 nails
Epoxy, or glue that will not melt foam

Step 1
 Plot out where the moth will go and where the head will go, it doesn’t have to be exact. Then put the ball in a bowl or something to keep it steady.  Then cover that bitch in papier-mâché! Do NOT cover the head and mouth holes. I used 5 layers but the more you do the stronger it will be. Be sure to let each layer dry before applying the next

Step 2
After it is dry and you feel it is strong enough pop that ball son! Then take scissors and clean up the mouth and head hole. Make sure that your head can easily fit inside the hole.

Step 3
Cut the foam ball in half. Then fasten the halves with tape or tooth picks to the dome where the eyes will go.

Step 4
Measure out and cut the ears out of square foot  foam panels. I just eyeballed the ears I’m not going to lie to you. Epoxy some paper onto the ears so it is easier to cover the ears with paper.
To attach the ears is the hard part. I sunk a lot of time into figuring this out. Use some cardstock and fold it in half. Place it where the ears will go on the inside of the dome. Then use the nail to puncture both. The nails will be sticking through the dome and the card stock will distribute the presser that the nails put on the dome when you wear it around.

Then use the excess foam from the ears to create a lip inside of the mouth.
Next cover all exposed parts in papier-mâché. Woot

Step 5
While all that is drying cut the screen to size so it will fit nice in the face hole with a bit of an over lap. On mine the screen is not snug agent the top lip, don’t worry it will be our secret.
The teeth are just card stock that I cut.

Step "Bling dat bitch out."
Now make it your own, I liked the evil mau5 helmet so I went with that, I have seen the disco one done with broken CD’s or cut bits out of the ear, the ears by the way make great places to put stickers. flat paint works the best. Make it yours.
The screen just attaches by screwing one inch screws through the edge of the screen.

The head restraint is the hardest part I jerry rigged this out if a bit off a welding mask and a pop bottle that I duct taped in. I have seen people use rolled up tee shirts that they stack in till you can see out the visor. Besides that I’m at a loss if you don’t have a welding mask.

 This was mostly made up on the fly, so if you can think of better ways of doing some of these steps, share them with the group.
I look forward to your input. If any clarification is needed on a step I will be more than happy to answer.

Thanks Reddit 

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