Rum Brand

Clothing Brand

I had to make a apparel and clothing brand as well as pick out a target demographic for my Production Processes class. this is what i came up with.

With/in is a clothing brand built around creating clothing based on things in pop couture but being more low key about it. our goal is to create the kinds of connections that you experience at conventions in every day life. 

The Logo, it's a small tag. on the inside of the apparel. 

Magazine Adds

This is the more business side of the line.

This is the more tee shirt and casual wear side of the line. 

Shirt Example

 This is a custom shirt i did to sell at youmacon that was rolled into the line.

2 Page Spread... get it.

My 2 page spread for the first trade of Sex Criminals.



sketches, doodles, other stuff.


I can't Miss

Here, i made you some Hawkeye book marks.

Left Click for big version 


Tessa and spoons Wip

   A while back I did a few comics about my girlfriend and I as paranormal investigators in the Hellboy vain. at some point we adopted a domovoi named spoons into our team who became kind of a guide for tessas magic use in the comic.
   I'm not a fan of how the colors turned out so ill probably fix them in the future.


The other Mark

I had to make a short story for a creative writing class. Story below the jump.