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I can't Miss

Here, i made you some Hawkeye book marks.

Left Click for big version 


Tessa and spoons Wip

   A while back I did a few comics about my girlfriend and I as paranormal investigators in the Hellboy vain. at some point we adopted a domovoi named spoons into our team who became kind of a guide for tessas magic use in the comic.
   I'm not a fan of how the colors turned out so ill probably fix them in the future.


The other Mark

I had to make a short story for a creative writing class. Story below the jump.


Work doodles.

Ghost Pokemon.

Midwest Media Expo

I went to Midwest Media Expo last Friday.

I accidentally Bumped into Graham Stark o loading ready run.

This espeon cosplay was awesome.

I found Maid Deadpool and honey senpai.

Adam Warren Sketch 

Pic with Thor, surprise surprise i'm not worthy 

He had the mannerisms down! 

Harry Potter!

Full metal alchemist! 

Rainbow Dash is best pony. 

tylee from avatar

Let it go?

auto graphs from the loading ready run crew as i convinced them 
to under no circumstances leave down town. 


I'm like Coke now.

   So, the final assignment in my type one class is to unify the look of all my accounts across the internet. The term "Branding" makes me kind of uncomfortable but lets call this what it is, i'm branding myself.
   ill have a more in in depth explanation later but for now her is my finished* twitter.