Food mohawks for everyone?!

   So, in my type class we had to make a cook book (hi Biz) and I wanted to get away from the super clean stuff I had been doing.
   I never liked how most cook books look (Ha alliteration)  and wanted to get away from the "real stuff" that I associate with most cook book. Now as I type this i see that the Realistic is exactly what i did, but i like it. 



For digital imagining I had to do a movie poster using images form the internet. my original idea was a captain marvel. But when I saw this Cosplay I couldn't pass up a miss martian poster.
 I really liked how Miss Martian was in young justice and we need more ladies in comic movie roles so her we are.

The incredible Cosplay was provided by MangoSirene check her stuff out, she is fresh to death!



All for show vol 1: That would be stupid

My script is done for my graphic novel! I will be drawing it this summer and putting the pages up online some where. until then get to know the characters here.